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FoodSpark #8: Race, Class, & Privilege

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During #FergusonOctober weekend, people across the St. Louis region have the chance to bring their perspectives, concerns, and issues to the table through FOODSPARK, a series of socially engaging pop-up food gatherings that aim to provide a safe space to discuss the issues of race, class, and privilege.

We're holding FOUR potlucks across the metro area from 3-5pm. Locations:

1. Downtown, St. Louis
2. Grand Center Media Commons
3. Delmar
4. Ferguson

The Why
The shooting death of Michael Brown continues to reveal issues that many people in our nation are unaware of. We aim to bridge these gaps by creating safe-spaces for people to connect to others in their communities, share personal experiences, and change perceptions and awareness. Ultimately, we want people to talk about how and why they’re the same but also why they’re different. Our community is hurting and without each other, it’s hard for us to heal. While race, class, and privilege are issues people face everyday, talking about these complexities is often not an easy task. Sharing a meal together, however, can bring together people who normally don’t engage and provide a supportive outlet for them to listen and connect.

Why Food
There’s rich culture in St. Louis around food, and participating in meals is a social experience that we all share. Meals are also great opportunities for people to share experiences about their day and their life. We want to bring together people who normally don’t engage topics of race, class, and privilege, people who see these issues everyday, and people who recognize these things but don’t have a safe space to discuss them.

This Month's Culinary Theme: Familial Traditions 

These gatherings are potluck-style. We invite people to bring dishes that they associate with their background or familial tradition.


Hosts, Partners, and Sponsors
This region-wide effort would not be possible without support from:UMSL Department of Counseling & Family Therapy, Beyond Today, Cross Cultural Competence Institute, The Feast Worldwide conference,, Karen House, Catalysts by Design, Hands Up United coalition, The Red Table Project. It is also part of the larger national mobilization of 

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