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FoodSpark #13: DIY Work/Play Balance

work/play balance

May is a busy time for everyone, including for Team FoodSpark. While this is exciting, it also means there will not be an organized FoodSpark this month. Instead, we want to encourage you to gather with your own friends and colleagues, in your own homes and work places to discuss the balance between work and play in your lives. 

Questions to ponder include:

  • How do you cope when your hobbies and extra-curricular activities begin to feel like work?
  • How do you fuse your passions into your workplace?
  • What does a balanced life look like? Do you have to have fulfillment in every part?

So please, have your own FOODSPARK, and THEN report back to us about the conversations you have and questions and thoughts that arose. We look forward to hearing about it all!

Love, the FoodSpark Team

This Month's Culinary Theme: You Decide!