Social Activists Coloring Book

Creator(s): Rukiya Kamaria

My name is Rukiya Kamaria.

Creating engaging ways for people of all ages to get involved in their community and fight for equal rights is a goal I have as an artist and African mother. I am seeking support as an illustrator for a coloring book series of current, local social justice activists; starting in Saint Louis,MO.

Coloring is known to have therapeutic benefits and what better way to process stressful current events than by taking a moment (coloring) and refocusing on how to dismantle white supremacy and create equality.

Each page will be a mixture of inspiration and motivation with quotes by select chosen activists.  For my first coloring book each activist chosen will be someone dismantling or inspiring those to dismantle white supremacy. I plan to have a minimum of 20 activists per coloring book. These people might be in office or soon to be, they may be artists, volunteers, business owners etc.

My future plan is to take this on tour and visit other cities. I want this to be a fun way keep our small yet powerful communities connect and aware of how to support each other.