Affirm That!

Creator: Britt Baker

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Affirm That! started as an online communal space dedicated to providing positive affirmations
for the everyday trials, struggles, and triumphs that accompany the human experience. After
much positive feedback, I was called to turn this online series into a more tangible source. This
project will transform the online archive into a more expansive self-guided book on positive

Affirm That! the book will feature a running list of chapters devoted to the healing and
self-care of various facets of self and the community. In an attempt to make the book easy to
navigate, each chapter will focus on each of these components:

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To craft each affirmation, interviews will be done with people offering lived experiences from
each topic- I will then mold these narratives into affirmation, inspirational quote, and stories
on how to be the best version of ourselves every day and in every way.
Funds from this grant will be used to help pay for ilustration, typesetting and basic material
costs for book development.

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