Apiary @ the Park

Creator(s): Fatimah Muhammad

Who We Are

Apiary @ The Park is a collaborative co-working, co-living, meeting, market, cafe' and pop-up space. It was designed by a social entrepreneur for entrepreneurs, start-ups, mobile workers, artist and freelancers. A space to let workers from different backgrounds cross-pollinate, while supporting multiple work styles under one roof. Our focus is on collective and effective collaborations and community building.

Apiary @ The Park will be a buzz of activity from creatives as well as budding and established entrepreneurs. Apiary @ The Park has over 3,500 sq. ft. that features open and dedicated desk space, private offices, conference room, informal lounge area, a 600 sq. ft private studio, a cafe', caterers' kitchen, a market, and meet-up/pop-up space. There is also over 1,500 sq. ft. of separate, individual residential housing that overlooks a private courtyard, with access to the cafe' and market along with free Wi-Fi and a host of other amenities.

Who Do We Serve?

Apiary @ The Park will work towards establishing an enterprise with the aim of solving social problems and effecting social change. We will provide space & opportunities for entrepreneurs,and smaller companies. A space for people on the go who need a "pop-up" office, or an impromptu meeting space. A space for an artist or other creative to showcase their talents and sell their goods. We serve the community builders, and networkers with a place to meet, eat and share. We provide the space for you to work alone....together!

Artists • Freelancers • Entrepreneurs • Digital & Professional Nomads

Hand Makers • Start Up Groupies • Community Builders • Networkers

Help Move This Project Forward

Beehives are the model for community building and team work. We are asking for the community to join in and bring this project into fruition. Apiary @ The Park will be housed in the historic Hyde Park Neighborhood, in a beautiful historic building that is over 120 years old. This building once served as the community post office and has loads of history. Our first focus is on providing a cafe' and market place full of fresh, wholesome, affordable food.

What do we need to move this project forward?

  • Glass Door Cooler to display fresh whole milk, eggs, butter and fresh meat.

  • Mobile Wood Shelving and Display Racks for merchandising wholesome nutritious pantry staple items.

  • Fruit & Vegetable Cart - To display seasonal fruits, vegetable & produce.

Social Entrepreneurs are neither profits or blend for profit. Apiary @ The Park's goal is to generate a return to society and to further broaden social & cultural goals while combining charitable work with business activities.