Art House Food Share

Contact: Elizabeth Vega


Founded in direct response to the Ferguson uprising, ArtHouse is a housing cooperative for activists and artists, as well as a hub for grassroots organizing, community building, movement gatherings, and art builds. Current work includes programming for neighborhood children, mental health support, community, a monthly salon, celebrations of music, dance, and storytelling on our backyard stage, and, the focus of this funding proposal, a Food Share/Community Lunch hosted six times a month.

Every Wednesday and every other Sunday, Art House collects donated food from Whole Foods in Brentwood. This fresh produce, eggs, milk, bread, and package items are brought to the house, sorted and given to all who need it. There are no forms to fill out and we don’t check IDs or zip codes.

Volunteers from all over the St. Louis region help transport the food to Art House, assist with with the sorting and set up of the Food Share, and join in the community lunch after the Food Share. Art House residents or volunteer chefs cook a meal using ingredients from the food share, supplemented with basics provided by house residents. Providing lunch cultivates community and a cross pollination of people from all walks of life.

Currently, 100 to 150 families are served throughout the month. Funds from the micro-grant will be used to offset the cost of running this program, including transportation costs, the supplies used in the Food Share process and to prepare lunch, and future equipment needs.

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