Creative + Sustainable

Creative + Sustainable is a cultural arts campaign that highlights the wellness work of North Saint Louis residents and changemakers in the Fountain Park, Greater Ville area. The arts campaign also serves as a preventative healthcare campaign for an area of the city that has been deemed as “blighted and “unwell.”

This project will interview local sustainable creatives and highlight their story through a blog. We will also raise funds to use a billboard to amplify the campaign. The billboard will serve as a way for the public to engage in the stories collected in the project while simultaneously conveying uplifting affirmations.

The billboards will promote the motivational aspects of the interviews. It will highlight the participants sustainable endeavor and positive message. The motivational messages convey preventative healthcare practices in the arts, scholarship, in living a civic and active life, and is already interwoven into our community.

Through pop up style collaborations in North Saint Louis and Ferguson, the campaign has a diverse target group. Working with youth, single parent households, intergenerational households and unique and blended families creates opportunity for healthy citizens. We are collaborating with area organizations. We are working in the Greater Ville area and with Arthouse, a local foodshare, S.H.E.R.A.H., a women’s empowerment organization and Jamaa Birth Village a midwifery and doula clinic in Ferguson, Mo. We are seeking additional partners.

Our Goals are to:

-Create a Cultural Arts Campaigns that Highlights neighbors in North Saint Louis.

-Positively impact the public on sustainable living and art making as a practice of preventative healthcare.

-Support local wellness oriented success stories

-Redefine the popular image of blight, to one of wellness.

We will host a series of workshops that identify what disease and health issues are effecting our lives. What resources and tools are existing in our area? How can we work together in small groups to support the creative and sustainable projects that are in our neighborhoods? How can the preexisting sustainable living projects support us, the public, in preventing disease, mental health, and our quality of life.

We plan to document through video and photography when capturing the stories. Neighbors and the local public will have access to the stories of the participants in the interviews and will be inspired to incorporate healthy living activities in their private and family lives.

Previous to the cultural art campaign, I have participated in numerous activities that support the healing of Saint Louis, the promise zone, and folks affected by the American Black Migration and women’s issues. Some examples include, the starting of over 7 community gardens, programs that board up vacant housing, healing workshops and teaching art for over 15 years.