Elemental Integrated Healing Arts Designs

Hello FoodSparkers,

My name is Eileen Cheong. I am preparing to launch my holistic health centered consulting practice using the arts as a vehicle. It’s current name is: Elemental Integrated Healing Arts Designs or E.I.H.A.D International.

Art Therapy for Burnout Relief for Social Activists and Caregiving Professionals Program Funds would support development of curriculum and business plan for providing 3 hour- 3 day workshops in Art Therapy for self-care and relief from compassion fatigue among social activists and caregiving professionals for grassroots groups to non-profit organizations. Ability to offer sliding scale by also accepting contracts with for-profits who are aiming to be socially conscious. I will use a model I call GAPS:

G ~ what are the Gaping holes in your team? (current issues)
A ~ how do we collaboratively Assess these gaps? (step back and look at the problems)
P ~ let’s patiently provide feedback on potential solutions (be open to Possibilities- what is your capacity or capabilities at this point?)
S ~ Safely administer a plan to help your team meet their goals in healthy positive ways for a
Sustainable future

I am a masters level trained Art Therapist soon to be ATR (Registered Art Therapist) who has worked in community organizing and activism for over 15 years between New York, Seattle and St Louis. I grew up under a single mom household who was a RN for over 40 years and have worked in healthcare settings for the last 8 years. So I know a little about what causes burn out among activists and health care workers ;)

My main modalities are art therapy, visual arts to assess and process problems; mindfulness or meditation to hold these problems at a healthy distance in order to develop sustainable solutions; and yoga + qi gong to promote body-mind awareness that will foster a safe space and caring attitude between team members.

You can learn more at www.eileencheong.com.