Elemental Integrated Healing Arts Designs

My name is Eileen Cheong. I am launching my whole person centered consulting practice using the arts as a vehicle, called Elemental Integrated Healing Arts Designs.

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This program is intended to provide Art Therapy for Burnout Relief among Social Activists and Caregiving Professionals who are can be most vulnerable to compassion fatigue. Funds would support ability to pilot the program by offering free sessions at several grassroots organizations and non-profit groups in the St. Louis region. Using the following main modalities:

● Mindfulness or meditation to hold issues at a healthy distance in order to develop sustainable solutions

● Art therapy, visual arts to assess and process issues while highlighting the strengths that will help realize ultimate vision

● Yoga + qi gong to promote body-mind awareness that will foster a safe space and caring attitude between group members

Offering this resource to activists and healthcare profesionals of the people’s global majority is especially important since we are more likely to face workplace discrimination and be in a position to defend clients vulnerable to infringement of their rights. LGBTQ workers of color existing at the intersections of multiple minority status places them at higher risk of burnout and asserting their whole identity can be an act of survival.

Eileen Cheong is a Registered Art Therapist, certified yoga instructor and licensed professional counselor and the eldest daughter in a single mom household who worked as a registered nurse for over 40 years. Having been involved in community organizing and activism for over 15 years between New York, Seattle and St Louis and worked in healthcare settings for the last 8 years., Eileen has observed how social justice and healthcare professionals can be more adversely affected by their work than their counterparts. It is vital for her to support those providers at the forefront of assisting those most vulnerable in our society to maintain optimum well being.

You can learn more at www.eileencheong.com.