#AdreamDeferredProject2019 by Encore! Theater Group

Greetings Food Spark Neighbors!

I am Atiera Currie of STL SpinBox and Publicist for Encore! Theater Group.  I and ETG’s Artistic Director would love to be considered as Idea Presenters at the upcoming The Spark Crowdfunding Dinner Party to share with the community the details of our #AdreamDeferredProject2019.

Who are we?

Founded in 2013 ETG is a performing arts company dedicated to bringing high quality productions to Saint Louis’ South-side. We measure our victories in theatrical risks. We believe that art can transform communities and that the power of visual performance can spark activism, civic pride, and empower our voices! Support of our shows go directly to our continued development of theatrical productions and our thriving actor workforce.

What is A Dream Deferred Project 2019?

We are bringing an unprecedented back to back sequel theatrical production of two very socially impactful American plays to Saint Louis; A Raisin In The Sun  and Clybourne Park.

Lorraine Hansberry’s 1959 groundbreaking drama A RAISIN IN THE SUN tells the story of the Youngers, a Black family consisting of a widowed Mother, a bright and lively college student daughter and a son less than satisfied with life who houses his wife and child in his mother’s cramped one bedroom apartment in 1959 South Chicago. An opportunity for all of the family members to advance on their dreams comes in the form of a $10,000 life insurance check for the life of the late Mr. Younger. Each other them have their own plans for the money’s best use. Ultimately the mother uses the money to purchase a house for the family in a thriving White community.

In 2009 a courageous White American playwright, Bruce Norris wrote the response to A Raisin In The Sun with Clybourne Park, a political satire that gives the perspective of the White family who sold the Youngers their house in the less than welcoming neighborhood of Clybourne park. The second act the play fast forwards to a modern day conversations between the current homeowners (Younger descendants) and hopeful White purchasers.

ETG hopes that the production of these plays which demonstrate the commonality of the human spirit will be a bridge to open productive and useful conversations about racism, gentrification, marital issues, generational misunderstandings, and gender roles within our very own community. The shows will be produced in July on Southside’s very own Fellowship STL stage!

Thank you for your consideration! We look forward to your support!