Lending library for art supplies

This idea emerged during the FoodSpark series on Arts & Culture. 

What is the idea?

Why does it matter? What impact might this idea make?

Numerous communities and artists lack access to materials and equipment to help actualize their artwork and creative ideas. Additionally, numerous artists may lack storage space for materials that they have in excess. This idea could have fill a need and close a gap for practicing and emerging artists. 

This idea could also be used by schools and other educational communities as many lack funding for art supplies. 

How will this idea work? 

Similar to a library of books, the lending library for art supplies can be located in a community hub (arts non-profit, for example) with an organizational system that marks the quality and quantity of included supplies by category. The set up could be inspired by art supply stores like Dick Blick, Art Mart, and South City Art Supply. These stores as well as artists with materials can donate new and gently used supplies to the art library. Using a tiered membership/account model, those in need of supplies can check out supplies as needed for a designated time (with penalties for keeping materials beyond the duration). Also like a book-based library, studio spaces can be eventually offered as a way to "check out a space" for an amount of time. 

How else might this idea work? What could be added and considered? Share thoughts below.

What actions can be taken to actualize this idea? 

The following actions were listed by participants in the FoodSpark Idea Studio on Arts & Culture:

  • Find a space to serve as a physical location.

  • Organize and align partners who can contribute to the model.

  • Recruit volunteers who can help serve the library.

  • Partner with a librarian and archivist to develop the lending system, model, and process.

What additional actions might be considered to actualize this idea? Leave suggestions in the comments below.

Who might participate/engage with this idea? 

People groups listed by participants of the FoodSpark Idea Studio on Arts & Culture included the following:

  • Artists, makers, crafts people, musicians, filmmakers, bands

  • Students, schools, families

  • Museums, galleries

  • Youth programs

Who might be a partner for this idea?

Entities listed by participants in the FoodSpark Idea Studio on Arts & Culture included the following entities as partners to engage for this idea:

  • Citizen Carpentry

  • Arts & Education Council (Space)

  • Blick Art Supplies, Art Mart

  • Regional Arts Commission

  • Missouri Arts Council

  • Habitat for Humanity

Do you know of other prospective partners for this idea? Leave a comment below with more suggestions.

Where might this idea happen?

  • Arts & Education Council's new Catalyst Innovation center

  • Thomas Dunn Learning Center

  • a YMCA

  • The Den

When might this idea happen?

No date was listed for this idea.

Idea Champion(s):

No idea champions were listed in the submission of this idea.