People of the Sun Collective

N’Dea Collins-Whitfield

People of the Sun is an up and coming Collective to mainly cater to on the spectrum lgbtqia+ youth of

color. Our mission is dedicated towards the creative empowerment of specifically lgbtai+ youth of

color through ancient rejuvenated practices in art and sciences. Visual Artists and scientists,

gardeners, astronomers of color will be the guides and teachers of the youth within the community of

Saint Louis. We hope to service them in a way so they may feel safe, catered to and also have the

freedom and space to express themselves. We would be uplifting them without judgement and for

them to have the fulfillment of going back and learning how their ancestors made it through their

lifetime, what they may have missed about traditions and the arts and sciences of folx of color

passed down throughout history using particular subjects within visual art and sciences. We hope

with foodsparks aid and assistance via the community to achieve a land/lot which we would call our

own and the beginnings of establishing a space to create and manifestation of our and the youths

greatest selves.

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