QTPOC STL Scholarship Fund

Contact(s): LadyAshley Gregory


What is self care? It is something that is so important for a healthy ,mind, body and soul. Practicing self care is important, and it starts with places….safer spaces that we have to carve out for ourselves because sometimes they just do not exist. In St. Louis, QTPOC:STL has carved out a safer space for queer and trans people of color since since September of 2014. Much like this Food Spark it started with a spark, an idea to create a radical space for those who live lives that are a radical act of resistance in itself. I ‘d like to tell you why our space, the QTPOC space is sacred and important. Sometimes we have to get together to remember we as people of color exist in queer spaces. It is necessary to to define community within ourselves, and not through others. We deserve a space where we can be and celebrate our authentic selves.

It is our goal to create future QTPOC leadership of tomorrow for our organization, for St. Louis, and beyond. To do this we want to create a scholarship fund that helps members of QTPOC:STL attend conferences and workshops that center LGBTQ+ work. Conferences and workshops on queerness, anti-racism, and activism are some of the most worthwhile experiences that one can gain and teach or share their knowledge and life experience when chosen to do so.  But unfortunately, the people who it would be most beneficial for miss out because these events and spaces are highly inaccessible due to cost. In addition it is important to have QTPOC folx in these spaces because others can learn from their lived experience. Accessibility in these spaces for QTPOC is so key and so crucial for enlightenment, innovation, and the pure understanding of life circumstance.

This will be  our way to engage the local LGBTQ+ community, this will be  our way to put the experiences and knowledge of other brilliant QTPOC in the forefront. What better way to invest this money than into knowledge and people who can make a difference in our community through their radical existence.