"The Wave" Adaptation

Creator(s): Jordan Woods

Proposal: Adapting the novel “The Wave” by Todd Strasser into an Immersive Theatre piece

What: The Wave is based on real events that happened the late 60’s where a high school teacher
transformed their school into an organized faction through similar methods that the Nazi Party
used, all the while without anyone knowing.

Why: It is particularly important in today’s world to recognize the signs of corrosive organized
factions, to feel safe asking questions, and to actively use history as a source for learning so they
don’t repeat themselves.

How: We could transform areas of a real high school, use high school actors, and even teachers
to help guide the project. The audience will be introduced as “visitors” and given a visitor’s
badge to which the principle will explain the rules of the piece introducing them to their school.
They would be allowed to follow students from classroom to classroom, and different scenes will
switch in-between bells.

Why Immersive Theatre: Different classes or moments in the novel overlap as the event occurs
throughout the school, just like a normal school day does. When the football players meet for
practice could happen at the same time as when newspaper club happens, moments of specific
bullying happen when the teachers aren't around...you happen upon scenes as they happen in
front of you. If done right, you can actively see the school transform with excitement and fear
until the real leader of The Wave is revealed.

To see and feel The Wave come to life AGAIN both excites and enthralls me and I know it will
for others too.

Thank you.

- Jordan Woods