Thread of Connection

Contact(s): Gloria Day / Feverish Child

Thread of Connection is a photography based social project that began a few years ago in Los Angeles. Project creator and freelance illustrator Gloria Day wanted to explore how people in the city were meeting each other, while also challenging herself to meet new people. The main goal was to document initial connections and the people who were changed by them.

2018 marks the relaunch of the project. The new phase will include presenting and sharing the stories beyond their original social media platform by expanding into print and video formats.

At the heart of it all is the celebration of vulnerability and the recognition of how much impact connection within a community can have on our human existence.

If selected, the microgrant will go towards photography equipment and publishing costs.

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How Does It All Start?

One person will be chosen as the starting point of the thread. They will be asked to choose someone in the St. Louis community who has greatly impacted their lives and identifies as LGBTQ. The pair will be photographed, interviewed and given the opportunity to share stories about their connection as well as their own lives. The casual but honest conversation will be captured through photography and audio recording.

The chosen person in the first pair selects someone who has greatly impacted their lives and they becomes the next person in the thread. The community will ultimately create the thread as each new person is chosen.

After twenty-five connections have been interviewed, the end product will be a collection of photos and hand-picked excerpts from the interviews – all printed in a Zine-style book. The book will not only display a thread of connected individuals that started with one person, but will also shed a beautiful light on the LGBTQ+ community in St. Louis, MO.