Action Through Advocacy


We Make Advocacy Accessible

Voice(Is) partners with community members, businesses, and events to reframe accessibility and build inclusion in schools, the workplace, and at events.

After a decade of advocacy through 1,000+ IEPs and 504s,

Voice(Is) was founded by Allison Brewer to address the gap

in services available to families that allow them to

successfully advocate for their children in K-12 schools. As a

previous employee facing workplace discrimination, Allison

expanded services available to include support for adults

with mental health and medical impairments navigating

workplace barriers.

Voice(Is) provides educational workshops, direct services to

commmunity members, and accessibility consulting to

institutions committed to increasing accessible inclusion

practices. Voice(Is) is committed to redistributing power to

those impacted by the School to Prison Pipeline, disability

discrimination, and community barriers to equal access.