What About Us Project

Humanizing the black community through videography, photography and literary art


Aja La'Starr

What About Us project is a poetically visual advocacy project that will use the art of poetry, photography and videography to capture the humanistic attributes of individuals within the black community. For centuries, so many innocent black lives have been brutally murdered and in light of the black lives matter movement, I would like to delve deeper into exploring the intricacies of individuals who simply aim to do more than exist or be tolerated within society. I will document our stories & experiences and create meaningful poetic snapshots that will not only illustrate our character, voices and our colorful contributions within society, but also give the entire community an opportunity to see us for who we are. I aim to have this interactive project engage, empower & educate society in the hopes of helping everyone see the value of black lives. After collecting interviews, creating poetry, videos and photographic images, I will compile a book of my collections as well as videos and photos to display at the What About Us Exhibition.