Who Raised You? Podcast

Creator(s): Treasure Redmond-Shields and Karen Yang

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Background //

Who Raised You? Podcast has been crafting conversations
with artists and culture-makers since May 12, 2017. Since then, we have
recorded two seasons worth of material at six episodes each and released
four episodes with full transcripts for free. Each kitchen table conversation
opens with a poem and music by STL artists of color and blends archival
storytelling, political education, futuristic imagination, and liberationist joy.

IN STUDIO: studio conversations ft. STL artists of color //

Co-hosts Treasure Shields Redmond and Karen (Jia Lian) Yang are uniquely poised to
record a series of in-studio conversations with artists of color from the St.
Louis metro area. An established poet, former hip-hop artist, and lifelong
educator, Treasure connects poets and artists while pushing a black power
analysis. An agnostic minister and arts program manager, Karen invites
spiritual contemplation and designs programs inspired by podcast topics.
Both understand that arts and culture are essential to liberation.

Support //

It’s time for Who Raised You? Podcast to go mobile. We want to
purchase a portable audio recorder ($200-$500) that will allow us to record
conversations with St. Louis artists in studio, in their creative environment,
with the potential to record their in-progress creations. These conversations
would serve as an ever-green archival resource and inspirational wellspring
for artists and culture-makers, with ripple effects in the public sphere. We
hope that these conversations are a launching point for creative workshops
and retreats that connect artists and culture-makers, hone political analysis,
and raise the profile of creative talent based in St. Louis.