Youth Mural Partnerships

This idea emerged during the FoodSpark series on Arts & Culture. Leave comments below to add thoughts and contribute ideas for how it might be actualized. 

Why does it matter? What impact might this idea make?

In areas affected by vandalism, this idea could increase civic pride and social inclusion by allowing aspiring artists and youth to create and visualize artworks on buildings. It could also increase community and social capital within neighborhoods. 

How might this idea work? 

The following description was offered by participants as a way of understanding how this idea might work:

Inside of spaces, teams of participants can create commissioned artworks with businesses. On the outsides, they can develop murals.

How else might this idea work? What could be added and considered? Share thoughts below.

What actions can be taken to actualize this idea? 

The following actions were listed by participants in the FoodSpark Idea Studio on Arts & Culture:

  • Pitch small businesses to donate a wall.

  • Work with local activists, gatekeepers, grassroots organizations, and nonprofits to help create culturally and historically relevant ideas for the murals.

  • Gather interested artists and youth.

What additional actions might be considered to actualize this idea? Leave suggestions in the comments below.

Who might participate/engage with this idea? 

People groups listed by participants of the FoodSpark Idea Studio on Arts & Culture included the following:

  • Community leaders

  • Interested youth

  • Neighborhood and local artists

Who else might participate in this idea? Leave ideas below. 

Who might be a partner for this idea?

Entities listed by participants in the FoodSpark Idea Studio on Arts & Culture included the following entities as partners to engage for this idea:

  • Arts organizations

  • Youth-focused organizations

  • Grassroots organizations and activist groups

Do you know of other prospective partners for this idea? Leave a comment below with more suggestions.

When might this idea happen?

No timeline was listed for this idea.

Where might this idea happen?

  • Tower Grove East

  • Forest Park East

  • Neighborhoods with high vacancy

  • Interested neighborhoods

  • Neighborhoods with high youth populations

Idea Champion(s):

No idea champion was listed in the contribution of this idea.