We received an awesome amount of projects & idea submissions for The Spark event, and the following twelve projects and teams will present their idea during the event for a chance tor receive a micro-grant provided through the ticket revenue and votes of attendees. 

  1. Affirm That! by Britt Baker
    Affirm That! is an online communal resource seeking to create a self-guided book on positive thinking.

  2. commUNITY Arts Festival by Paige Walden-Johnson, Emily Hermann, and Carly Niehaus
    CommUNITY Arts Festival opens the stage for Saint Louis’s artistic community to speak up,
    educate, and heal the effects of Saint Louis violence as it pursues support for its second festival.
  3. Elemental Integrated Healing Arts Designs by Remedy Leen
    Elemental Integrated Healing Arts Designs is a holistic health-centered consulting
    practice developing a curriculum and business plan to center the arts in its practice.
  4. Invisible No More by Kristian Blackmon
    Invisible No More highlights the plight of black women and girls through curated art exhibitions and seeks support for its March 6 exhibition.
  5. Kinloch Documentary by Alana Flowers
    The Kinloch Doc seeks to show the implications of two major political decisions – a city merger and the Lambert Airport buyout – on the life of this all Black north county suburb of St. Louis, Missouri.
  6. Financial Equity Research Project by Liz Deichmann
    This project is developing a tool to help St. Louis better understand and strengthen the ways in which St. Louis arts and culture contributes to financial equity in the city.
  7. The Wave by Jordon Woods
    The Wave will use immersive theater to transform the story of a novel into theatrical social commentary. 
  8. Who Raised You? Podcast by Treasure Shields Redmond and Yang Jia Lian
    Who Raised You? crafts conversations with artists and culture-makers, and support for this project would help it expand and travel for deep features of artists' studios and practices.
  9. Activists Coloring Book by Rukiya Kamaria
    This project would develop a coloring book of local and national activists to create engaging ways for people of all ages to get involved in their community and fight for equal rights.
  10. The 4A Project by Caitlin Metz, Alyson Thompson, and E King
    The 4A Project is a group dedicated to intentional community-building through feeding people and hosting healing + art–making activities one Sunday a month.
  11. Transfuturism by Amber Johnson and Wriply Bennett
    Transfuturism is a photography, oral history, and Afrofuturistic art-activism project that speculates what freedom from oppression can look like in the technological future.
  12. Granny Tales by Hatsephi Kushma
    Granny Tales are short videotaped stories told by a 98-year-old Griot, who is Granny, to get families together to talk to each other and listen to what older people have to say.

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