What question(s) do you have about race relationships in the US?

During the discussion at the United Story FoodSpark, each guest for challenged to send a text message to a friend or relative, asking: “What question(s) do you have about race relationships in the US?” 

Responses included:

  • How should we prioritize systemic change? Like, is it better to full-on change the justice system or spread that energy across justice, education, employment, housing, etc?
  • Can they ever actually get better given the massive systemic issues? (“They”=race relations)
  • What advice would you give your/other community members?
  • Can we continue to march?
  • Why can’t we all just get along?
  • “I live in a very white place. How do I engage authentically outside of portests, etc. which are rare here [in Salt Lake City] and probably not the most effective thing to spend time on?
  • How does one reconcile the movement with the broken window theory that’s a buzz again? Random violent crime is on the fast surge in DC… and there is a lot of criticism of our mayor for being hands off and police not being active. People are getting freaked. How do we discuss? 
  • Since the work is not done, who amongst us should lead this new movement?
  • Should more conversations regarding race be facilitated within the black community, especially on the subject of our whims to adhering to white supremacy and not being aware of it?
  • What does our future look like if we don’t take race relations seriously? 
  • Why isn’t [race relations] a priority, and what can we do in our education setting to educate our children on these issues before they become culturally illiterate adults?
  • How can we not other[ize] each other?
  • When will people stop saying we live in a post-racial socity and recognize and address the covert and institutionalized forms of racism? 
  • When will people start holding police officers accountable for actions?
  • How do you eliminate racism when many refuse to see that it still exists?
  • When, after the peak of the civil rights marches and protests, did we decide it was ok to put down the signs? Who/what put us back into a slumber? 
  • Is it possible to consider all the versions of racism as socialogical illnesses or malfunctions?How might individuals’ perspectives and voices collectively combat negative narratives of current social movements? 

Answer below.

This FoodSpark Provocation was posed at the LGBTQ Intersectionality dinner potluck.